Learned in therapy

I’ve come across this tweet and it had a few replies that I wanted to store because I think they hold very true meaning.

A few fascinating replies:

sometimes you don’t deserve closure. the people you’ve hurt don’t owe you forgiveness even after you’ve changed for the better. some bridges are burned forever, and sometimes it’s better that way for all parties. you have to move forward and be better for you, not someone else.

— evil sex haver (@osmosismoans) July 26, 2021

As you get healthier, people around you who are stuck in their own unhealthy patterns may resent you or accuse you of acting superior to them, being selfish, etc. You may feel guilt as your situation improves and theirs doesn’t. But you aren’t responsible for them/their reactions

— Squirrel Herder (@squirrelshorts) July 26, 2021

You are deserving of the same love and grace you show others when they are burdened. It’s okay to selfishly give time to yourself so that you too can be able to tend to your own wounds. Your emotions are valid so allow yourself to feel it all.

— Lovemore Chirawa (Asa. the healer)🧚🏾‍♀️🌻🌿 (@InshaAsante) July 27, 2021

You can either continue to blame your parents for whatever, or you can reparent yourself. As an adult, it’s not your fault- but it is now your problem to solve.

— Tianna Tashelle (@tianna_mad) July 26, 2021

YES! Recently heard, “People do not need to agree with your boundary, and probably won’t - if they agreed with you, you wouldn’t need to set and maintain a boundary in the first place.”

— ✨wren✨ (@wrengee) July 27, 2021

Getting angry when people don’t behave the way you want them to is exhausting and unnecessary. Don’t expect people to change bc odds are they wont. Train yourself to either expect the behavior you’ve seen before or set the boundaries so you aren’t around this behavior as often

— ry (@repressedryan) July 26, 2021

You’ll never be able to heal with the same environment that caused you damage, you have to escape and tear yourself from that dark place, no matter how hard it seems. It makes a world of difference to be free and to begin healing.

— nat 🦇 (she/they)(@NuhTassJuh) July 27, 2021

Setting boundaries is incredibly difficult, but necessary. Your mental health will feel like it’s suffering at first bc setting boundaries at first feels “mean” to to other person/people, but in time you’ll see the benefits and it’s healthier for everyone involved

— Stefania (like Lasagna) (@StefaniaTweets) July 25, 2021

There are two ways people grow from trauma

  1. They never want anyone to fall as bad as they did ever again.
  2. They want everyone to feel as bad as they did because it’s unfair that they went through it and others didn’t.
    Be the first person and be wary of the other.

— @stfujujubean June 26, 2021