Hymn on the Welcome to Medina

The governors of Yathreb
    They laid their maces down,
They made the Meccan exile
    The ruler of their town;
To him they came for judgment
    In each disputed cause;
They offered him their tribute,
    They bade him frame their laws.

They swore with manly fealty
    To serve him e'en to death,
Confessing him their prophet
    With life's expiring breath.
Their very lives they perilled,
    They laboured and they fought;
For in good truth they deemed him
    By God divinely taught.

Lord grant that we, renouncing
    All selfishness and pride,
At Thy command may freely
    Cast wealth and power aside.
Attentive may we listen
    Where'er Thy voice is heard,
And life itself surrender
    Obedient to Thy word.

Consistent with Thy precepts
    Our journey may we trend,
Stern duty's path pursuing
    Unswerving to the end.
Thus we, like Yathreb's heroes,
    Shall brave examples be
Of worldly weal discarded
    For faithfulness to Thee.

— Amherst D. Tyssen